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Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY: $12 Pendant Lamp Makeover!

We love Ikea, and we love this wonderfully done Ikea lamp makeover!  This tutorial comes to us from Apartment Therapy's blog, and we can't wait til this weekend when we can hit up Ikea and give this a shot.  This looks like a show piece - but for only $12 (including the price of lamp)!
010609-lamp2.jpg A
Ashley let us in on a few of her secrets ....
"After some experimentation I found that the best way to attach the petals was with 'shiny' scotch tape (the type that looks like packing tape) rather than the matte scotch 'magic' tape (which gave obvious seams/shadows that looked less than stellar). The 'petals' were cut in various lengths (I would cut a sheet of wax paper and fold it over several times so I was cutting 8 petals at a time) and attached from the bottom-->up (with shorter petals at the top)...don't be discouraged if you can see a subtle shadow cast by the tape initially as lots and lots and lots of layers are key! The petals curved naturally from the wax paper coming on a roll, and I placed most of them with the curl flipping out. Also, in lieu of wax paper I might use parchment paper for the next go-round as it has a more matte appearance when the light is off."
$1.19 (wax paper)
$0.50 (tape)
$6.00 (23.5" paper lantern from IKEA)
$3.99 (electric cord form IKEA)

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