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Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY: Cork Board using an Upcycled Frame

Simply Emily's blog has a wonderful way to not only upcycle your used wine corks, but also that old frame you were debating tossing out!  Check out her blog for more DIY!

I have been collecting wine corks for a long time and for the most part just storing them in two large glass cookie jars, but have been wanting to make something with them for awhile (which is why I collect so many.) I made a coaster a few months back and I do plan to make more of those but this time I used a good amount of the corks up on these "cork" boards for our kitchen.

I have had these pictures for quite a while and they have served their purpose but now I found a new purpose for them. They are a good size and as you'll see below the detail on the edge of the frame lends itself to a classy bulletin board, right. :)

So armed with some black acrylic paint and tons of corks I went to work. I thought it would be a good idea to paint over the whole picture in black in case any of it showed thru the corks it would be more uniform that way.
Here they are all covered.

Then I started to arrange the corks, not as quick and easy as you would think if you want it to look good. I arranged them all make sure they fit well and looked good and then I started gluing.
Here they are all arranged and ready to be glued.

gotta love the glue gun. :)
I would take a few out at a time so I wouldn't lose the arrangement I wanted them to be in and glue each one individually.

all done. Don't they look GREAT. I would say start to finish the project probably took 2 1/2 hours most of the time spent gluing each cork down of course.

looks good.

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