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Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY: Party Animal Candle Holders

The Sweetest Occasion has come up with such a cute idea and it's so easy we can't believe we haven't seen anyone else do this before! We can see these being in ANY color.  Having a princess party?  Make them pink with glitter!  A dino party for a little boy?  Make them blue and you could even hand stencil their age on them!

Supplies -
  • plastic animals
  • plastic candle holders
  • drill with 1/8″ drill bit
  • pliers
  • gold spray paint
For the plastic animals, you can use any kind you can find. Keep in mind the size of the cake or cupcake you are sticking it on. I used the animals with a flat back, so it is easier to stick in the candle holder.
Hold the animal with the pliers and drill a hole straight down, being careful not to pop out the other side. The hole just has to be deep enough for the holder to fit.
Spray paint the animals in a few light coats, rotating them to cover all sides. Note: I used gold (w/o primer) and it worked fine for both the nicer plastic animals and the dollar store ones. I wanted a pop of color but some of the animals didn’t take to regular spray paint, be sure to use a plastic spray paint or a primer for plastic and always test one first.
I also painted the candle holders to match. Let dry.
That’s it. Party on like an animal! Rawr.

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