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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY: Acorn Ring

Hello Hydrangea has a wonderful tutorial we have been looking for since we saw this stunning piece of jewelry.  Not only are you taking nature and incorporating it into your wardrobe, but you are also giving yourself a gift that will last a lifetime!  

To start I cut 6 pieces of wire approximately 10 inches long and braided them together.
Then I cut 3 more pieces of wire and threaded them through a pearl before poking them through my previously drilled holes in the bottom of the acorn.
Attaching the two groups of wire is easy because I simply stuck them through the holes in the braid. Then I wrapped the braid around a chapstick tube to estimate the size for the finger and attached it on the other side of the acorn.
When both sides are attached I simply coiled the remaining wire around and around while weaving it in and out of eachother to create more of an organic shape. All the while I tucked the pokey wire ends into the coil so that they wouldn't poke the finger that is wearing the ring!
I have so many acorns left! One reader mentioned making a windchime and I really like that idea! I also think more jewelry options are in their future. For now, you can help me relieve some of these little guys by getting your own ring in my shop. I can honestly make any color or size you want! Just say the word.

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