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Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY: Easy Halloween Ornaments

Shelterpop was featured on AOL with some very, very cute Halloween ornaments.  These look easy enough to make, so get to it!  We have almost everything we need to make these just hanging out around the house...

halloween paper ornaments Photo: Gina Provenzano

Still stumped by which Halloween decorations to use for your upcoming party? How's this for a Halloween craft? Try these easy-to-make folded paper ornaments. They'll add some spark to the corner of a room, over a party table or on a covered porch. They're so simple to do, just think back to your kindergarten days and get folding.

What you'll need:
Crepe or Tissue Paper
Paper Glue
Ruler Pencil

How to do it:

1. Measure, mark and cut two equally-sized rectangles from paper. Accordian fold each like a fan, trying to keep each fold the same width. Trim excess at end.

2. Fold pleated paper fan in half. Staple at the center point of each fan.

3. Glue folds of fan together where they meet in the center. Then, glue the first fan to the second fan along each edge.

4. Punch a hole in one pleat along outside edge and tie a long string to hang ornament. If desired hot glue a colored button at the center.

5. Vary the sizes and colors of each rectangle to create a mixed grouping. Think about using patterned paper (lightweight works best) as well as making a scalloped-edge, by trimming the square ends into a rounded shape.

halloween decor

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