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Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIY: Cookie Cutters from Soda Cans

"Making do with the not so new and other frugal things I do" blog is fantastic.  We love the nothing is really trash approach.  Why not use the things you've already paid for / used / loved for another purpose!

Check out their blog for the instruction on how to make the goldfish with a recipe!

First, I sliced one in half with a knife and then cut a strip with my heavy duty scissors all the way around.

Then I evened up the edges by cutting them as straight as possible.

Then I worked with the strip to create the fish shape. Don't bend too often or you will crack it. I did it on my third try. Sorry that this picture is missing the last bend back to make the flat edge of the tail, but after three tries, I lost count of what photos I had taken!

Then I sneaked my stapler in the back and stapled it together. I cut off the mismatched edges.

And there you have a fish cookie cutter. I have to admit it isn't the most comfortable to use, I am thinking about putting some duct tape along the top edge because pressing the piece down with no handle hurt just a teensy bit after awhile. It is probably 6 times larger than an actual goldfish cracker, but it's a fish!

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