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Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY: The Creative Crate

The Creative Crate's blog is trying to help us to stay organized and to keep our calendars on track.  We think that our New Year's resolution will be to get more organized in 2013.  How about you??

From this...
To this!!
I wanted to try to make one myself. So... I did with a $3 picture frame that I bought at a yard sale. Now it is a dry-erase calendarAll I used to make this... is a good frame with glass {not plexi-glass}...a permanent marker...ruler...and my Cricut to cut the {Month} {days of the week}{and the circles}. I drew the squares...and placed the vinyl on the opposite side of the glass than the side you will be writing on they won't come off with all of the erasing. If you have a Cricut...I used the mirror feature...then your letter will stick on the back of the glass...but you will be able to read it from the front. I hope that made sense...I'm not really great about describing things...but hopefully you get the idea. Don't worry...if your squares aren't perfect. As you can tell mine aren't but it still looks ok. Also...don't be afraid of the perm. marker...if you make a mistake...use a wet paper towel and wipe...or you can spray hairspray on a paper towel and and wipe and it will come right off.
Remember to place everything backwards...on the opposite side of the glass.

Now it is a very functional...hand calendar to write on!!
If you felt like could use that extra piece of cardboard that came with the frame...and put fabric or scrapbook paper on it to give it a more personalized look!

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