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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY: Chalkboard Necklace

Henry Happened blog is great for easy, quick, and inexpensive DIY tutorials!  We particularly like this one that shows how to make a chalkboard necklace.  This is a great accessory because you can change the way it looks based on your mood!

Check out their blog for more quick jewelry DIY!

chalkboard necklace diy - finished!

What you’ll need:
  • Rust-oleum specialty Chalk Board spray
  • a bezel pendant (you could find one at your local bead store or even purchase one through Etsy…this or this would do nicely)
  • finished chain
  • a scrap of satin ribbon
  • glue (I highly recommend a tube of E6000, it is inexpensive, amazingly strong and long lasting!)
  • painter’s tape
  • newspaper
  • basic white chalk
chalkboard necklace diy - supply roundup
STEP 1:  Using the painter’s tape, tape your pendant down onto your newspaper being careful to cover any areas you don’t want “chalk boarded” with the tape.
STEP 2:  In a well ventilated area (i.e. outside) apply 2-3 light coats of “Chalk Board” spray to the exposed surface of the pendant (wait approximately 3-4 minuets between coats).  Let dry.
chalkboard necklace diy - taping & chalk spray application
STEP 3:  Once the “Chalk Board” finish has had time to thoroughly dry (a couple of hours or so should be suffice), carefully remove the protective painter’s tape from the pendant.
chalkboard necklace diy - removing the painters tape
chalkboard necklace diy - fchalkboard application applied and dried!
STEP 4:  Tie a bow with your ribbon.  Trim ends to desired length.
chalkboard necklace diy - making the ribbon bow
chalkboard necklace diy - trimming the bow
STEP 5:  Using your glue, secure bow to top of pendant.
chalkboard necklace diy - attaching the bow
STEP 6:  Attached pendant to chain.
chalkboard necklace diy - pre message (a blank slate)
STEP 7:  Using your chalk write the message of your choice onto the pendant (using the edge of a brand new piece of chalk will help you write small and clearly).
chalkboard necklace diy - finished!
STEP 8:  If you are giving as a gift, place pendant and a piece of chalk into a gift bag (I chose an organza gift bag with a bit of a shimmer in a fun, bright color).
chalkboard necklace diy - finished!
Voila, a sweet chalkboard necklace!
chalkboard necklace diy - finished & modeled

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