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Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY: Neon Animal Garland

This garland would be ideal for a kids party, or even for a fun 80s theme party!  They are so easy to make you may just want to do it and decorate your house for fun and you'll have Design Happen's blog to thank for it!  Head on over to their blog for more.

DIY Neon Animal Garland - Erin Loechner
Neon animals and garlands are two of today’s hottest trends in the craft/party decor world, so why not combine the two to create a bright and vibrant neon animal garland? Here’s how!:
DIY Neon Animal Garland - Erin Loechner
MATERIALS: I spotted these plastic dinosaurs at the dollar store (my favorite spot for budget crafting!) and then headed to the hardware store for neon spray paint, twine and eyelets (screw eyes).
DIY Neon Animal Garland - Erin Loechner
INSTRUCTIONS: After spray-painting the dinos to my heart’s content we pre-drilled a 1/16 inch hole in the center of their back and inserted screw eyes from the hardware store.
DIY Neon Animal Garland - Erin Loechner
Stringing the garland is a piece of cake, as well – simply route the twine through each hanger and tie to secure (just to keep your dinos from sliding to the center after the garland is hung). I chose to use a natural twine to balance all of that crazy color so the look isn’t far too shocking to match the rest of my office. Luckily, the garland fits right in!

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