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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Upcycle Empty Shampoo Bottle into Sponge Holder

Revolutionaries has a great tutorial on upcycling that used shampoo / conditioner / lotion bottle into a handy sponge holder!  We think that this idea could even be tweaked a bit to add some waterproof paint to make it even jazzier!  What do you think??


1. A plastic bottle. I used a shampoo bottle, but you could use a lotion bottle, body wash bottle, etc.
2. Scissors.
3. Pen or marker.
4. Sand paper.

How To Do It:

1. Clean out your empty bottle.
2. Cut off the top of your bottle. The plastic becomes sharp once you cut it, so be very careful.
3. Put your sponge up against the bottle and mark how high you want the front of the sponge holder to be. I marked it a little bit above the half-way point of my sponge. Cut the front half of your bottle.
4. Draw a circle on the back half of your bottle. I traced a measuring cup in order to make a perfect circle.. but it still wasn't that perfect haha. Then, cut your circle out. This is what it should look like so far:
5. Round the edges of the back part of your bottle. I traced the lid to my butter container to make it as even as possible.
6. With sandpaper, smooth the edges of your plastic.
7. With scissors, poke small holes in the bottom of your sponge holder. This will allow water to drain from the holder (you don't want any nastiness growing in there!)
You're done! This is what your sponge holder will look like hanging from your sink:
We've had this for about a week now and everyone loves it! 

Other uses for this cute little holder include:

  • Hang one on the door knob of each of your children's rooms. Every day/week write a sweet note to let them know how special they are!
  • Hang one from the door knob of your bathroom to store little items such as hair ties, clips, etc.
  • Hang one from a hook to store small craft/office supplies.

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