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Friday, June 1, 2012

DIY Matchbook Notepads

What a wonderful way to upcycle something vintage and unique!  We adore this tutorial from Design Sponge on how to convert a matchbox into a mini-notepad!  These would be excellent wedding favors, party gifts, inexpensive calling cards / business cards, or just to do list notepads.  How can you not love these??

There are two ways you can go about making these:

1.) Upcycle a vintage matchbox - you can usually find these at flea markets, vintage boutiques, or even online at auction sites.

2.) You can make your own "matchbox" out of card stock or any other heavier weighted paper.  These matchboxes afford you the opportunity to put whatever you want on the outside cover.  

You can then fill these matchboxes with recycled paper cut to fit within the size of the cover.  You can even stamp all your mini papers first with a calling card / business logo / website or other fun hand out to people you meet.  Way more exciting than a typical business card - and FAR cheaper!

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