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Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Work - The TP Flower Project

Fantastic Tutorial from Imperfectly Perfect!  We love the fact that this project is easy, free, and using recycled products!

Then I took that entire pile of rolls, folded them, and cut them into thin strips

Next step was to create flower like shapes that connect to each other

Now that I had a general design, it was time to glue each flower. Every 5 petals were glued together to form a flower. I used cloths pins to hold them together while the glue dried

I decided to paint some of the flowers light blue (using the left-over paint from our blue line project), and then leave the rest of the flowers in their natural look

Now that the flowers were all glued and painted, all that was left to do was to glue the flowers to each other and create a flowing connected design

My someone and I decided to hang it on the wall next to our TV. As always, my someone was in charge of the hammer while I was in charge of the photo taking...

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