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Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers

We can see 100 uses for these!  Who doesn't love pinwheels?  You could adjust this same idea for place card holders, hand made cards, larger toy versions, home decor...have fun!

Bertie's Bakery has a whole section on DIY and check 'em out!


Step 1:
Cut out 2”x2” squares of what ever color double sided paper you want! (Double sided paper just means paper that is going to have either color or designs on either side, instead of just white…unless that’s what you want of course!)
Step 2:
Cut diagonal lines starting from each corner going into the center about 1”. You do not need to flip over the paper, I just wanted to show you my two sided paper!
Step 3:
Now fold the first corner (A) into the center of the square. Don’t crease this fold, just kind of bend it so it holds its shape. Do this to each “A” corner on the squares.
This is what your squares should look like once you have molded/folded each of the A corners inwards.Step3
Step 4:
Now take each pinwheel and cut a small slit in the bottom of one of your folds. This only has to be big enough to slide a toothpick through. I like doing it this way because it hides the toothpick and glue, and it just looks a little bit cleaner. If you do not have a blade to do this with, no worries we can just glue the toothpick to the back. 
Step 5:
Open up all of your folds and slide the toothpick through your newly made slit. Hot glue toothpick to the center of the square.
Step 6:
Using little dabs of hot glue start re-folding in each “A” corner and folding them there until the glue has cooled and the fold is now permanent.
Keep going all the way around.
Step 7:
Once all the corners are folded in and glued, add one more dab of hot glue and adorn the pinwheel with any thing you like. I used fake pearls that I had saved from an old necklace I used to love! But you could use buttons, pompoms, or even paper circles from the left over paper.
See wasn’t that easy?

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