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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Paper Plate Basket Tutorial

The following directions are based on the craft from Martha Stewart. The tutorial on her site said to hold the basket together with a rubber band. I think that would be cute, but I love love love washi tape so I decided to use that. You can use either method, if you find another way to hold the basket together, please let me know.

1. You will need the following supplies: white paper plates (1 plate per basket), scissors, paper edger scissors (I used my pinking shears), a ruler, pencil, washi tape or rubber bands, and 4 paper clips.

2. Using the paper edger scissors or pinking shears, trim about 1/4″ off of the circumference of the plate.

3. Flip the plate over so the front side is facing down. Use the pencil and ruler to make a 9-section grid. Try your best to make the center square in the center of the plate. If you want you can measure it.

4. Use the regular scissors to cut a slit along every other vertical line. Stop cutting where the vertical line intersects with the center square.

5. Fold one side at a time up to form the “basket”. Use one paper clip to hold each side together as you assemble the basket.

6. Use washi tape and wrap it around the basket and then remove the paper clips. If you are using rubber bands, simple wrap the rubber bands around the basket. And you’re done! Now fill them up with summer treats!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I super love your tutorial! Thank you so much for giving detailed, yet simple instructions. You made it look so easy! Haha. Of course, paper plate baskets are everywhere on the internet these days, but your decors and embellishments on it made it look like it’s not a paper plate! Kudos! 
    Clay Delgado