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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Fabric Covered Binders

The Uncluttered Lifestyle has a gorgeous tutorial on how to cover those institutional looking plastic binders with fun and elegant fabric!  Do your own take and shoot us pictures!
- Fabric (For 4 binders use approx 2 yards)
- Binder
- Spray Adhesive
- Book plates 
Cut the fabric to size, leaving a 1/2" to 1" to fold over all the way around.
Cut each corner so there is not a bulge when you fold over on the top and bottom of the binder.
Adhere the fabric to the front first flap. Then close the binder and adhere fabric to the spine, following with the back flap. If you adhere the fabric while the binder is open, the fabric will be too snug when you do try to close it.

It should look something like this. Yes I know my "hem" is uneven but it doesn't matter because...
The next step is to cut a piece of fabric to cover the inside and adhere it. Now it has a finished look when it opened.
Lastly, I applied the book plate.  I think the silver looks gorgeous with the ticking.

Pretty simple, right. Each binder costs a total of $6.50 to make. The most expensive part was the ticking fabric at $6.97/yard. So really, this project could be accomplished for less. But I think the end result is just darling!

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