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Sunday, June 17, 2012

DIY Marbled Glassware

Honestly...WTF has a great tutorial from graphic designer and artist, Joanna Bean Martin on how to make your own Marbled Glassware!  Take those nail polishes and get to crafting!

You’ll need:

  • flat bottomed glassware
  • variety of colorful nail polish
  • clear nail polish
  • a disposable plastic container
  • nail polish remover
  • painters tape
  • toothpicks
Mask off the bottom of the glass with painters tape.
Fill a disposable, plastic container with water. Open all the nail polish bottles and start dripping polish into the water, one color at a time.
Layer the colors one on top of the other. Take a toothpick and pull out the polish to create a swirly pattern, starting from the center. Work quickly as the polish will start to harden and clump up over time.
Submerge the bottom of the glass into the polish. Allow the polish to collect around the sides of the glass and pull out carefully. Little air bubbles may form but that is to be expected! Before marbling the next glass, take a clean toothpick and sweep up any excess polish from the water.
Allow to dry completely before applying a layer of clear polish.
Once everything has dried, remove the painters tape and touch up with nail polish remover and a cotton swab.
Your glowing glasses are finished! *Glassware should be hand washed only.
Bottoms up!

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