Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY: Autumn Garland

Dollar Store Mom continues our trend of finding wonderful DIYs that are all about dollar store re-purposing! We love when we can go to the dollar store and keep things cheap, but cute and fun.

Be sure to check out her blog for even more fun DIY!

This Autumn Garland cost less than $0.50 in supplies!
Though I actually spent $5 for the supplies used in this project, I used less than 1/5 of them, leaving me with more than enough for quite a few more projects from these same ingredients.

  • Paper doilies in various colors/shapes- $1 per pack of 32
  • Bag of cranberry-like “container filler”- $1 (this project used less than 1/8 of the bag)
  • glue- on hand
  • twine or string- on hand

 I wrote each letter on the doilies using glue, then had my daughter add the tiny cranberries. Let this dry for a few hours. If you’d like to just make this yourself, or if you’ve got older kids, hot glue is a better option.


I strung each doily on to some basic twine that I had on hand, and hung my garland across my piano. Tomorrow you’ll see what else I created from my dollar store finds to add to this cute display!

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