Saturday, September 8, 2012

DIY: Dollar Store Party Favor Makeover

So, sometimes we see things at the Dollar Tree that we love but can't figure out what to do with other than the way that it comes.  This is what Crafting Rebellion has helped us see past with their great blog on making over party favors from the dollar store.

When I was at the dollar store I noticed a package of wedding dress party favor boxes. 10 for a dollar, what a deal!  All you need is scrapbook paper, some embellishments, and a spool of inexpensive pliable wire to make the mini hangers. This project is very similar to paper dolls, you get to "dress up" your boxes. Once made they could hold chocolates, almonds, mints, M&M's, little nail polish or a small gift.  Add tulle to the front of the dress and it could be a little girls princess dress. Use leopard print and hot pink for a bachelorette party, or shower.

You will need:

Wedding dress Favor Boxes (I found mine at the Dollar Tree store. They come 10 boxes for $1). I have the link to Dollar Tree at the bottom of the page but they also include the groom boxes online. 

Scrapbook Paper

Spool of pliable inexpensive wire (I used what I had on hand so I am not sure of guage. Just look at the inexpensive wire in the jewelry section at the craft stores and find one that is thick enough to make a small hanger)

Embellishments of Your Choice (I used bling on a roll for the gem sashes, and ribbon flowers).

Taper Runner and Glue Dots

Thin ribbon to tie the box together (optional) you can use the sheer white ribbon that comes with the boxes. 


Wire Snip (optional, you can use scissors)

ColorBox Chalk Inkpad (optional) if you want to distress your box edges.

The "before" box...cute design but pale printing.

Start by opening your package of dress boxes. Take one out and cut off one of the dress sides. 

This is now your "template" to cut the scrapbook paper dresses. (Remember you will need to use just one of the boxes to cut apart for the template when you figure your total favor boxes to buy). 

Use the dress template and cut two pieces of scrapbook paper. I held my template and trimmed around it. You can be more precise and also trace the template onto the back of the paper.

Attach the scrapbook dress pieces with tape runner by matching them up to the dress on the box.

Distress your edges if you prefer. If you aren't totally exact, trim your excess edges.

If you want to get fancy you can also cut a top in a different paper, and attach. (I chose to keep it simple using a full dress).

Now create your wire hanger.

Cut a piece of pliable wire approximately 9" long.

Centering the wire bend the sides into a triangle at 2 1/2" wide.

Wrap the wire around at the top of the triangle. The wire is very soft so you do not need to use pliers.

Snip the extra from the wrapped end off with wire snips or scissors.

Bend the hook at the top and snip to the desired length. I smooth out the hanger to shape it with my fingers.

Put your dress box together and tie it shut with a ribbon of your choice. You can use the ribbon they provide, but I liked a longer piece of ribbon.

Now attach the wire hanger to the "inside" of the front of the dress box by putting some tape runner in the middle and bottom part of the hanger wire. Press onto the inside of the dress. 

Have fun embellishing your dress to match your party theme. I cut little pieces of "Bling on a Roll" and stuck them to the front of the waist ribbon. I also added fabric flowers to some of the dresses using glue dots.

Make a batch of dresses in the same style and fill with candy, jordan almonds, mints, or other little treats.

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