Saturday, September 29, 2012

DIY: Crayon Candles in Bottlecaps

We are forever questing to find bottlecap crafts that are easy and look good!  We love to knokw that we can upcycle these bad boys and make it look like we spent hours, when we only spent minutes.  

Craftaholics Anonymous has come to our aid with their DIY for turning old crayons and bottlecaps into mini candles!
how to make candles with bottle caps
these tiny candles are a really fun to make and come together quickly. AND you can up-cycle several materials in the process.

To make these colorful tiny candles, I used several materials that usually end up in a land fill: bottle caps, broken crayons, and empty soup cans. the only thing i bought to make them was the pre-waxed wicks which cost me $1.50 for a set of 12.

How to Make Bottle Cap Candles
supplies: bottle caps, crayons {or wax}, pre-waxed wicks, soup cans, wax paper {optional}, small cooking pan, scissors, and water
remove paper from crayons. you can also use candle wax if you wanted.
put crayons in clean, empty soup cans.
take your pre-waxed wicks and…
bottle caps
put wicks inside the bottle caps. i placed my bottle caps on wax paper in case i spilled some wax.
then using a small cooking pan filled with a couple inches of boiling water, place the can in the pan and melt the crayons. {you could also use a candle warmer to do this}the crayons melt pretty quickly. *note: it only takes a few crayons to fill a bottle cap!
pour the melted crayons or wax into the bottle caps.
let cool for 1-2 hours. then trim the wicks and you have some fun tea light candles to enjoy!
**added later: crayon wax does not smell that great when burned. if you plan to burn these candles, you may consider adding a scent to them**

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