Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY: Cupcake Ornaments

Keeping with our holiday theme from yesterday - we believe in prepping for the holiday early so there is less stress - we would love to share this tutorial from Goldiloks: Jacktress of all Trades on how to make Cupcake Ornaments.  They are adorable, easy and cheap! You all should know by now that this makes us love it all the more. =)

These adorable cupcake ornaments were partly inspired by the lovelies over at Bake it Pretty & my fave blog Prudent Baby even made some. I tweeked them slightly and used actual miniature ornaments and white paint ( you guys know I can't leave my paint behind!) Also, I opted to use regular hooks instead of twine or ribbon. You could choose which ever you like better. Ready?
what you'll need:
1. mini cupcake liners
2. painted and glittered/ snow flocked ornaments (simply paint "frosting" and dip it into glitter or fake snow while the paint is still wet)
3. berries (you can buy these from Micheals, about .75)
4. glue gun (excuse the grossness lol)

Now this is SUPER EASY. ready? k.
1. glue the bottom of the ornament to the cupcake liner (I like to glue mine at a slight slant)

2. Snip a few of the berries from their branch, set aside. Apply a tinybit of glue next to the top, and place the "cherry" (berry) on the glue. Let set & dry. 
Your all done! You can either at a ribbon to hang it from or simply use a regular ornament hook. Easy right? Now go make hundreds of them to give away or adorn your tree. ;D

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