Sunday, September 16, 2012

DIY: T-Shirt Bracelet Makeover

Here is another option for t-shirt upcycling into jewelry that we think just couldn't be easier to do.  This is from Family Chic's blog and there are plenty more tutorials on there, so be sure to pop over and check 'em out!  

These would be great bracelets to make out of the sleeves of your t-shirts that you may have used for other DIY t-shirt projects...

For this project you will need some old t-shirts and a bunch of bangle bracelets. Try using old bangles that you already own, check thrift stores or pick up some up for a few dollars at Target, Walmart – or even the sale bins at Old Navy.

Cut t-shirt in 1/2" to 1" wide strips. Depending on the thickness of the bangle – a thick bracelet will need thicker strips.

Loosely tie one end of the t-shirt strip to the bangle and start wrapping fabric around bracelet – the tighter the better.

Wrap fabric all the way around until you meet the first knot – untie the knot and tie both ends together to close. Make a double knot, pull it tight and make sure the knot is positioned on the inside of the bracelet. Trim ends with scissors.

I found this technique worked well for us – but you could also use a glue gun to secure ends.

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