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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Paper Lantern Ornaments

Want a cute, simple decoration that you can make in minutes? These paper lanterns from The Creative Place are perfect!  Make a bunch and string them together as a garland, or put a bunch in a bowl, or in a hurricane glass in a bathroom or guestroom.

What you'll need:
- Paper - enough to cut 15 strips - ½"x4" (7.5"x4")
- 2 small brads
- Ruler, 1/16" hole punch or pushpin to poke holes, exacto blade or
rotary cutter and a cutting mat

1. Measure out and cut your paper into 15 strips - each strip ½"x4"
2. Punch holes 1/8" from edge on short edge on both ends of paper strips. I used a 1/16" hole punch, but a push pin can be used to poke holes - it might take a little longer to get the brad through.
3. Put a brad in each end of your punched paper strip stack.

4. Starting with the strip on the bottom, twist it out to begin to unfold the paper lantern. It might look kind of wonky, but it will get better :)
5. Twist out each strip individually in order from bottom to top of paper strip stack.
6. Arrange to your liking and Voila! A paper lantern ornament!
These would make a great garland - I strung a few together and they looked fabulous!

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