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Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY: Shabby Fabric Flower Tutorial

Thanks to Ali Foster Patterns, this tutorial for how to add some jazziness to anything is just a little fabric away!

Fabric Flower Tutorial
Step 1: Cut out circles of fabric.  The number of circles you cut and the size just depends on the size of the flower you are making.  My circles are about 2.5″ in diameter.  You can use something circular for a template (like a cup) or you can just cut them without a template at all.  They don’t have to be exact.
Fabric Flower Petals

Step 2:   Take one circle of fabric and fold it from the center as shown in the picture. There is no exact way to fold it.
Fabric Flower Tutorial
Fabric Flower

Step 3: Using you needle and thread, stitch the center of the “petal” to your  fabric. Make sure you go through all the folds so you keep the shape. 
Stitch Through Petal

Step 4: Continue stitching your petals around until you get your desired look.
Shabby Fabric Flower Tutorial
 How to Make a Fabric Flower
Pretty easy, right?  For  a different look, try cutting squares of fabric instead of circles.

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