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Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY: Rotating Goal List

If you are anything like me - you are always trying to stay organized!  This tutorial from Cornflower Blue Studio may be just the thing to help out.  It's easy to make and will allow for those of us who have ever changing schedules to quickly and easily handle anything that comes our way!

You'll need post-it notes, a pencil, markers, a ruler, and an 11 x 14 inch piece of bristol board or heavy card stock.

Start by sketching out a simple layout with your pencil.  I left a half-inch border around the entire design, then added a 4.5 x 10 inch rectangle at the top of the page.  Use the bottom section of the page to add six three inch squares, evenly spaced.  And one more square inside the rectangle, too!

Now you can use your markers to fill in the design with lettering, doodles, borders, or whatever you like!

Next you need to decide on the time frame for your goals - are these weekly goals, things you want to accomplish this month, this season?  It's up to you, and you can always change it because you can switch out the post-it note whenever you like.  I decided to make my goals for the week this time.

Now fill in your goal squares with more post-its.  You can put the most pressing goals first, and order the rest in terms of importance.  Remove the goals as they are accomplished so you can keep track of your progress : )

I used a little silver clip to hang my list where I can see it as I work.

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