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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Abernathy Crafts has taken a whole new twist on making fabric wall art by making it not only aesthetic but also functional!  This is quick, easy and financially friendly.  Just the way we like our crafts!

fabric wall pocket 8
Here’s another no-sew project for you!  This is super simple and will add color and organization to your space.  Read on for the quick and easy tutorial.

The tutorial I’m about to show you is completely no-sew, but you could easily modify it with a few straight stitches for a more personalized or practical end product.
fabric wall pocket 1

Materials needed:
  • Embroidery hoop (any size)
  • Fabric (2 coordinating)

fabric wall pocket 2

Lay out your background fabric over your inner embroidery hoop.

fabric wall pocket 3

Lay your pocket fabric, folded in half, over the background fabric.  You can place it half way in the middle, higher or lower, depending on what you plan to put in the pocket.  Just make sure there is enough excess fabric to hang over the edges of the embroidery hoop.

fabric wall pocket 4

Slip on the outer hoop and tighten.  Gently tug the fabric around the edges to make it taut inside of the hoop.  This is the part where you make sure you are happy with the placement of your pocket or how the print on your fabric is situated.  If not, do it over again, this is a very forgiving project.  If you’d like, you can add a couple vertical stitches down the pocket for pencils or one in the middle to divide the pocket into two.  This, of course, would be done before you place the fabric in the hoop.  When you are satisfied with it you can cut the excess fabric or tuck it behind the hoop.  Be sure to tighten your hoop real tight so that the fabric doesn’t slip out.

So that’s it!  Quick, huh?  And so easy, not to mention clever.  And since there is no glue involved, you could easily change out the fabric whenever your mood calls for it!

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