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Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY: Yarn and Candy Cane Ornaments

Hostess with the Mostest is our featured DIY Ornament tutorial for today!  We love how fun these candy cane and yarn ornaments look.  They seem super easy also, which is a bonus.

DIY: Yarn & Candy Cane Ornaments
Ready for some super easy holiday DIY? These cute Yarn & Candy Cane Ornaments are a breeze to whip up!
This was a happy accident that occurred when I was trying to figure out how to make regular yarn ball flowers look more “holiday-ish” for a Christmas table centerpiece. I’m still planning to make some sort of “bouquet” from these, but am also loving how they look on the their own – either as hanging ornaments or just as “sitting” decor for the table or tree!
DIY: Yarn & Candy Cane Ornaments
DIY: Yarn & Candy Cane Ornaments
You’ll Need:
- 2″ styrofoam balls
- yarn in your favorite colors
- mini candy canes
- hot glue gun

Insert 5 mini candy canes in a circle around the ball. Try to space them out somewhat evenly, but it doesn’t need to be perfect!
2. One at a time, remove each candy cane from it’s styrofoam hole, add a little hot glue to the hole, then stick the candy cane back in… this will ensure that the candy canes stay put.
3. Start wrapping yarn randomly around the ball, weaving in between the candy canes until the entire ball is covered. Trim the yarn and secure the end with a small dab of hot glue.
That’s it! Add a ribbon loop if you want to use these as hanging ornaments. You can also try this idea with regular sized candy canes and 4″ styrofoam balls to create GIANT ornaments!
DIY: Yarn & Candy Cane Ornaments
DIY: Yarn & Candy Cane Ornaments

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