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Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY: Miniature Lantern Ornaments

The Crafty Crow's blog has a ton of great ornament DIYs - especially ones that are kid friendly to make for the holidays!  You will definitely want to start saving those left over toilet paper rolls so that you can craft these up!
CC10 miniature lantern garland These little lanterns are about 2" tall and are made 
from a toilet paper tube. You can make two lanterns from
each tube. They are adorable individually and hung as
a group for a garland. You can also forgo the hanger
and pop one over a light on your tree to
see it really glow!*

toilet paper tube
acrylic paint
paint brush
wire for hanging (optional)

CC10 miniature lanterns deconstructed

#1 cut the tp tube open vertically

#2 cut the tube in half horizontally

#3 cut 2" off so you are left with... #4

#5 paint the inside yellow if you want the lantern
to look like it's glowing from the inside and use
the color of your choice for the outside; let dry

#6 fold in half horizontally, then make small,
evenly spaced cuts beginning on the fold to
¼" from the open edge

#7 glue the lantern closed; squash down a
bit to shape

For the handle I used #20 floral wire, shaped the
rounded part around the barrel of a marker, then flipped
up each end to hook through the slots of the lantern.

*Use caution, tree lights can get very hot!

CC10 mini lanterns close up

CC10 mini lanterns garland

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