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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Make Recycled Magazine Paper Gift Bows

Want to learn to make FREE amazing recycled one of a kind magazine paper bows?  This is the tutorial for you!  Here are some quick examples of the bows I have made in the past, and all the varieties you can make with very little effort!  As you can see - I'm a tad obsessed and in love with these!!

One magazine page for each bow you want
Glue Stick OR double sided tape OR glue stick OR glue of some kind!

Step 1
Pick a fun color page to make your bow out of - I chose a purpley blue.

NOTE: The whole page does not have to be the color you want the bow to be.  It just needs to be the majority color of the page - a little contrast is actually quite nice on the finished product.

Step 2
Cut your page into NINE 3/4" strips.  Leave THREE of those strips the full length.  Cut 1" of the top of THREE of them.  Cut 2" off the top of TWO of them.  Cut 3 and 1/2" off of ONE of them.  That should equal nine nice and ready to go pieces to your fabulous bow.


Step 3
Take your uncut full-length three strips and make figure eights out of each one of them using your glue or tape.  This sounds intimidating - don't be scared.  It's actually pretty easy.  

TIPS: fold the strip in half to create a center line, to keep your fancy pants figure eight even.  Put the color you want your bow to be face DOWN on your work space.  It will be on the outside in the end.
Now, take one end of the strip - bring it up to the center line you created, flip the top of the strip that is in your hand so that the other side of the paper is face up and tilt the end of the strip at and angle to make it "bow out" all nice like and glue it!  This may take a tad bit of practice, but once the light bulb goes off, your golden.


Step 4
Make fancy figure eights with ALL of your strips EXCEPT the shortest one (the 3.5" cut strip).  This short strip will be the circle in the center, so now figure eight for this one.  TIP: keep your cut strips together based on length so you can overlap them nicely when we assemble.

Step 5

Assembly time.  Overlap your full length figure eights into a flower like shape, making the base for the bow.  Put glue / tape in the center of each figure eight piece and overlap the next piece on top, securing it in place.  Continue overlapping from largest / longest strips to the shortest strips (there should only be two of those).

 Step 6

Take your shortest single strip and create a circle with it that fits nicely into the middle of your assembled bow.  I make the circle size relative to my bow size so that it's full and nice looking.  

That's it!  You have a wonderful one of a kind handmade bow to show off on top of a nice gift for anyone!!

Hope you enjoyed!

Leave me comments on how you did!!

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