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Friday, May 25, 2012

Flower Headband Tutorial

We just love the headband tutorial from Ador's blog and wanted to make it today's feature!  Headbands are still the rage and making your own is even better.  This craft is gorgeous, easy, fun, and CHEAP (which we just "adore")!

Want more info and crafts?  Check out her blog!

-Flower petal template- located HERE
-Sheer fabric
-Permanent fabric glue
-Headband (wide bands work best)

What to do:
-Print the template on cardstock and cut out
-Trace template onto fabric: 12 Large, 20 Medium, 3 Small
To make a large flower:
Fold in half.
Fold in half again.
Make a few quick stitches to hold in place.
Cut a small circle of felt.
Sew the folded petals to the edge of the felt circle.

Sew 8 petals around the edge and 4 petals in the center, then fluff.
Repeat steps to make the medium flower.
Use small dots of permanent fabric glue to attach the large flower to the side of the headband.

Attach the medium size flower above the larger flower, towards the center.

Now all you have to do is attach petals down the sides.

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