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Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY: Valentine's Mirror

The 36th Avenue has an adorable mirror DIY that would make for the perfect home decor and / or kid's project depending on how decorative you want to get with it!

My plan was a little bit different in the beginning since I was aiming for some type of cool frame.
This is what I used. An IKEA mirror-frame that I already had,
 DecoArt Paint, glue gun and Valentine’s plastic necklaces. 



The first thing I did was paint the frame in white.

{ TIP: I always use a garbage bag to protect my table,
then when I’m done I throw the craft mess away inside of it. }


After a few coats of paint I added one light coat of Silver Glamour Dust from DecoArt.
I love this stuff because you get to see the white through it under the silver glitter dust.
So pretty!

While the glue gun heated up I took the time to cut a bunch of necklaces that
I found over at Big Lots. I bet the Dollar Store will have something similar.

To get the right size all I did was to put the necklaces on top
and cut it in each corner.

I ended with this…


The last step was to glue it!
I wish the picture could show how much the silver dust actually shines…

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